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12:42:02 - 04/24/2024

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Subject: RE: Brake failure
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My 84yo father owns a 2005 Dodge Dakota with only
about 51k miles on it. He's had it since new and
rarely drives it. About 6 years ago in 2014 or so,
he told me that he was driving down a fairly busy
county hwy where he lives, was coming up on a red
traffic light, applied the brakes to slow down as
normal and the brakes went to the floor, just like
others have described on here. He slammed it into
low gear and was able to slow the truck down
enough with the emergency brake and was also able
to go around the other cars stopped at the light.
Thankfully no one was crossing the intersection at
the time. His mechanic told him that his brake
lines had corroded and developed holes in them.
Are you kidding me Chrysler? It's a shame becuase
it's a very sharp truck and we both love it, but
come on Chrysler! The truck probably only had
about 45k miles at most at the time! I have heard
from my mechanic that Chrysler is infamous for
using cheaper metals in their vehicles to cut
costs. If there is one area where this is simply
unconscionable, it's the damn brakes. Chrysler is
lucky that he wasn't in an accident and hurt,
because trust me they would have been taken to the
cleaners! Otherwise, nice mid-sized truck and
starts every time. It's also in my opinion one of
the nicest looking trucks on the road. You just
can't get the dame thing to stop sometimes!!

Dodge Dakota


RE: Brake failure
IP: Logged

I have a 2005 Dakota I was driving home from the gas station
tonight. My ABS and my brake lights were on which is not normal ,
but lights do come on sometimes with nothing well I went to stop at
a stop sign breaks to the floor I managed to get home but super
scary after ready a few of your helpful story’s I read Tony’s about
after market exhaust which I have and pulling a trailer that day with
an extra heavy load, I just pulled someone’s truck for them Right
before right before right before mine went out so most likely that’s
what the cause was but tomorrow morning I’ll go look for sure.

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