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23:13:30 - 07/03/2022

Dakota Performance


Subject: Which engine/ upgrades?
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I have been considering buying a truck for daily dring and hauling stuff, and would love to know which dakota engine to go with. I would say the next gen V8, but honestly have no idea. Any superchargers for the V8's out there? Thanks folks!

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RE: Which engine/ upgrades?
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There's plenty of people with S/C's on their V8's. (4.7/5.2/5.9L...and us 3.9L's as well.)

Since they dropped the 5.2L, the 4.7L has been showing some pretty serious competition against the 5.9L's. Don't underestimate the smaller "Cammer" V8. ;)

Bernd D. Ratsch
1997 Dodge Dakota SLT
Supercharged V6

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RE: Which engine/ upgrades?
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I drive both a 5.9 in a durango and a 4.7 in a dakota and here is my 2 cents. The 5.9 has amazing torque right of the start and can go 0-60 in 8 secs with only a k&N induction system. The 5.9 just seems to get better and more powerful with age. I have way over 100000 miles on it and it runs like the day i bought it. All i did with it is change the oil and filter and just resently changed the plugs and cap and roter. I never took it in for service and everything runs fine. As a matter of fact the other day a guy that didn't know anything about cars confused it for a lexes. (That could be an insult if i said it.) I pulled out a hummer drive it like crap hammer it every chance i get. The gas consumtion was really bad in the start but after the engine broke in it got better then i put the k&N system on and i was getting between 15-20 on the highway. But this is also a durango with the 3.92 rear end.

I am also very pleased with my dakota. The 4.7 feels smooth and willing but when you put a trailer on it it crys unlike the 5.9 that will just rip the wheels of the trailed but this is a heavy trailed close to 5000Lb. However this engine does some undisirable things everytime i start it a little black puff of smoke comes out (I do mean little hardly noticable) also somtimes starting is not as clean and crisp as the 5.9. And just reasently after 15000 miles it stalled on me at a light and chrysler told me that they have the idle set to low for emitions reasons and that theres nothing that i can do for now. So every so often at a light it stalls. But besides that. This engine will differ from the 5.9 passed 70 mph where if you hit the gas will pick up speed very fast and rev really fast and tall.

My opinion is that chryslers got somthing good going with this engine but its still to new. I heard they took care of the stalling problem but with half ass fixes like hiding the sludge in the oil filler its going to take a while to get this one as realiable as the 5.9 was to me.

Take your pick.


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