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23:22:07 - 07/03/2022

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Subject: Looking for budget air intake
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I am looking to remove the air box off of my 97 Dodge Ram SS/T (sits on top of the TB as opposed to connecting to a TB hat). I want to know if anyone has a stock TB hat in good condition they can send me or even a cheap intake system that might work. I put the Cat on because the old one was rattling and couldn't help getting the 40 Series at the same time. I figured I might as well open up the intake if I can do it for cheap. I don't want to spend alot because when I can back to the states I am doing the total rebuild of the truck with blown 408 and all. Any help would be great. Email me personaly.

97 Dodge Ram SS/T, black w/ silver stripes, Carsound cat and 40 Series Flowmaster

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