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21:40:00 - 07/06/2022

Dakota Performance
Ben E-Farrer
Dodge Dakota


Subject: Fire run
IP: Logged

Today, one of my buddies sitting next to me got a call from the local fire department (volunteer fire department), so he asked me to drive him. We just missed the fire truck so I had to drive him to the fire (25Km away). I was suprized at how quick I can get up to a good speed (so was he). We were cruizing down the highway going about 150-160KM/h, when I had to pass somebody, I floored it and when I looked down again I was going about 173kn/h (110MPH). The governor had not slowed me down yet, I had to slow down because of a corner, also at 170km/h I was only going about 3000rpm! I thought that the 2WD dakotas were limited to 110mph max (R/T), but mine is a 4X4 with the wheel & handling package, the truck was really twitchy at that speed though. When I got out my tires were about 20 degrees celcius (room temperature). I was going that fast, I was catching the Ambulance that I was following! Man are these 4.7's fast!

Ben E-Farrer
2001 SLT+ CC, 4.7L Auto, 3.55LSD
(try in a couple of days, server down)

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