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23:56:46 - 07/20/2024

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Subject: what cam and those types of things ?
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hey guys i was just wondering if i could get some help on what cam and rockers and all that stuff would be the best for me to get for my 97 dak ext cab 4x4 w/ the 318 5.2. i already have gibson cat back duals and mp k&n cold air intake borg warner cap and rotor 3923 plugs 8 mm taylor vertex pro wires robert shaw 180%t-stat.i would like to beef up my cam and all that i like the idle of the old time muscle cars w like the 3/4 race cam the sound like there going to stall but they come right back to life with there rumble.and also is it real hard to change all this my self and about how long would it take me to do this? thanks guys also whats a ruff price for all the parts i would need?

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RE: what cam and those types of things ?
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If you are going to do all the work, youmight as well do it right and get a good RUNNING truck as well as a good sounding one. You don't start the project by first raising the hood. You start at the back end. Determine the size tires you are going to run- it effects engine speed. Now, what gear ratio are you going to run- it effects engine speed. What transmission are you going to run and does it have and will you be using overdrive- it effects engine speed. NOW, pickup the hood. You now know how fast to turn the engine and at what rpm you need the torque and hp band. You can go to any of the cam companies web sites and they can give you what you need.
Hope this helps.

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