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23:45:23 - 07/20/2024

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Subject: K&N 2001 5.9 Installed!
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I got my new intake in yesterday, and of course had to install it last night. First I would like to start with I had an easy order process, timely email updates, and was overall very satisfied with my shopping experience, and they had the cheapest price on the web I found, albeit by 3 dollars.

Now to the good stuff, I unpacked my box, typical K&N, great packaging, all parts were present, and a very detailed instruction sheet with nice pictures guide you threw the installation process.

You start with removing the old air box, fairly straightforward. Next you remove the Cruise control system, and prepare it with new mounting bracket included, and again, very straightforward and well thought out.

A nice feature, since K&N also gives you a new air hat is the removal of that big chunk of metal that Dodge put on the throttle body to mount their air hat, K&N provides you with a new stud, to removes this and provide maximum airflow.

Once you have the cruise control mounted, and all other pieces off, you now mount the heat shield, and run your cruise control cables through the rubber grommet provided on the heat shield, and bolt in the shield. Note is to leave everything very loose until your all done.

Install the new hat, lock it all down, put on the cone filter, and your ready!

Some notes are, the heat shield doesn’t seal up as nice as it did on the ECIS intake for my M3, and I found the new snorkel didn’t quite have enough dip in it to correctly line up on the hole in the heat shield. Both minor annoyances.

Once it started the first thing you notice is the sudden RUSH of air into the motor. Much louder now, especially at full throttle!! Sounds cool if you ask me.

Mileage is yet to be seen, K&N includes a dyno graph that shows 5hp at 2500 and 10 hp at 5000.
All in all I would rate the kit a 9 out of 10, just for some minor fit problems I spoke about earlier.

My neighbor installed the AirRaid system in his 01 5.9 and I gotta tell you the K7N was worth the wait!

Happy truckin , Mike 01 QC 5.9 w/ K&N FIPK II

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