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20:57:59 - 07/06/2022

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Subject: RE: 5.2 superchargers
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*pounds head on desk repeatedly*

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RE: 5.2 superchargers
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I did nearly every bolt on available.
Then I put in NOS. Ran great!
I wanted more!
I put a ATI Procharger on a 2000 5.9 RT.
I also did a B&G flash.
I did a 500 mile break in, changed oil and went for my first full boost run. I promptly blew a head gasket and something else, I can't figure out, or fix. Either a burnt piston, ring, and / or a cracked block, or both.
From what I've found, the stock head gaskets will NOT hold up, so fix them when you install the SC, or you'll be doing it again later. Also, I would be careful with the tune. Also plan on a wideband O2, so you don't blow it up. like I did!
I'm getting estimates on forged crate motors now.
$7-$9K, OUCH!
Good luck.

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RE: 5.2 superchargers
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I have had my vortech s trim in now for 4 months and 6000k with no problems on stock block.
Just dyno last week at 300hp RWHP and 320 Torque.
Thats on a 99 dakota 4x4 3 in lift and 33in tires.

Now once i get my gears changed to somthing realistic (4.56) the RWHP will be inline with what your looking at.

Crane roller rockers
Valve springs
Studs & Guides
Mopar Aluminum Valve covers
Mopar Purple Cam
Double roller chain
Jba Headers
Dual Catback Exhaust
High Flow Cat
DeltaFlow 40 Muffler
Supertech Programmer
MSD 6A7 Multi spark Ignition
MSD Boost Timing Master
Bosch titanium plugs
Heavily ported stock intake manifold
Ported Stock Throttle body
Vortch S-Trim Supercharger
Vortch Fuel Control System
#24 ford motor sport 4 hole injectors

Dodge Dakota


RE: 5.2 superchargers
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I'm assuming you have an automatic. So yes, you will want to do
something about your tranny. Start pushing near 400 hp
through it and it wont be happy. They can hold together for a
while, but all it takes is a little something to go wrong and then
you're done. Either have yours built, or get an aftermarket. The
overdrive can kill the tranny with so much power, so if you get a
new one look for a 3 or 4 speed without overdrive. If you
happen to have a manual, then the NV-3500 can probably
handle it. Its a tough transmission, but if you have the money
I'd build it anyways. Never hurts to be safe and plan long term.

As far as your internals, it completely depends on what you plan
on doing with it. If you were building a naturally aspirated
stroked motor or the standard motor with boost then I'd say
you're fine with a cast crant and hypereutectic pistons. That
could work under low boost too, but if you really want to use its
full potential then get forged parts. I like your plan to bore/
stroke it. Mopar small blocks have a tall deck hight so they are
great for stroking. When you replace the internals they'll bore
the block anyways, just not to its full potential. The 318 has a
little more meat on it to bore, but its not worth it. Your real
power is in the stroke. If you do one or the other then the cast
crank and hypereutectic pistons should be tough enough, but if
your long term plan is to do both anyways then you might as
well start with all forged parts.

I hope this helps and that everything works out well for you. I'm
curious to see what happens since I just bought a Dakota with a
318 and 5 spd. Good luck.

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