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22:45:52 - 07/03/2022

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Subject: limited slip service limit- 55 ft-lbs?
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I asked this question in the V6 forum as well but I figure it's more fitting of a question to be asked here-
The rear differential in question is a 2001 corporate rear 3.55 LSD. At 86,000 miles I pulled the cover and found one of the clutch retaining clips broken and sitting at the bottom of the housing, so I had new clips and clutches installed. Now, 5,000 miles later, with the winter weather, I notice when making right-hand turns the passenger side wheel gets most, if not all of the power. So I put the truck into neutral and jacked up one side of the truck, keeping one of the rear wheels on the ground. I then attached my torque wrench to a wheel lug on the wheel that was in the air and applied pressure until the wheel started to move. The magic number was 55 ft-lbs. Now I realize I had a little extra leverage because the lug is not in the center of the axle, but is this number about right for a recently rebuilt limited slip unit? Or do you think I broke another clutch clip?

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