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22:51:22 - 07/22/2019

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Subject: K+N FIPK for 2004 Dakota
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Just to let you know that last night I installed a FIPK K+N. This was sort of an act of faith in part as K+N doesnt show a part for the 2004 4.7, but in doing some research I came to the reasonable conclusion that there were no changes from 2003 that would affect installation. Fortunatly I was right.

The directions are very good and I would say that the installation is about one hour and for the most part very simple assuming you have basic tools, metric sized sockets (long ones), 3/4" drill bit, etc.

I read all the various opinions about the price of a K+N, and yes at $268.00 (all up) its not cheap. But I do think that the quality of the parts, installation etc., has been very carefully thought through. Theres an old saying that "you get what you pay for", and having bought a new 4*4 fully loaded, to save the odd $50 or whatever doesnt really make practical sense to me anyway. One suggestion, if you buy the kit you may want to buy a 52 mm hose clamp, as the 48mm they give you for the bracket support connections is just to small. But thats almost a non-issue in the overall scheme of things. Note I went to Home Depot and purchased a size 52 hose clamp (screw kind) in the pumbing dept for $1.30.

So whats the feeleing so far, yes its a bit noisier (I have a 50 series flowmaster) at start up, but it tempers out as the engine heats up. In terms of milegage, I have noticed a improvement of around 10% (which was the main reason for purchasing) and a bit more responsiveness. At 12k miles per year with gas at $2.00/gallon, it should pay for itself within a year or so just based on gas savings alone.

So to net it out, I think this is very worthwile and advisable to consider.

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