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17:48:53 - 07/13/2024

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Subject: Air box mod?
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Got a question (yea, again). Hawkeye, I was reading a post a few days back about something you did to your air box. You were saying in it that you cut holes in it and removed the air horn housing up front. If you could so kindly be a little more elaborate with the directions or direct me to where you got the info. from, I would greatly appreciate it. I have a K&N filter in already (bought it before I found this great page), so to take it out and get the free flow intake is kind of a waste, I think for now.
I understand the principle behind it, but I just dont want to go in there and start hacking, ya know?
I am sure its not rocket science, but from people who have done it before, the results will turn out a lot better I am sure.
Thanks in advance.

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RE: Air box mod?
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I put a rubber 3 inch 90 on my TB, connected it to the stock flex hose from the airbox, removed the snorkel, then cut two squarish holes in each side of the box and one in the rear opposite the side the snorkel goes on. This has really improved my air flow. Granted it's not a Z-tube but for the price of a drop in K&N, a $10 90, and a few minutes of time, it has been well worth it.
I did the same thing to my wifes 5.2 in her Durango with the same affect. Only differance is I left the stock airhat as the TB is differant than on the 4.7. The 5.2's air hat flows much better than the one in the 4.7 anyway. Will probably get a K&N FIPK for both of them eventually but this little setup is working very well for me so far.

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