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14:10:49 - 01/19/2020

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Subject: performance acessories lift kit sucked!!
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i was really disappointed with the kit i got that so many people praised lol...
i had to find new body mount bushings for my truck 1994 ext cab dakota 318 4x4
i chose energy suspension... they said they didnt make a kit
so i used two kits for the regular cab 1994 and used the bigger mounts in all the holes. i had to enlarge the three cab mounts on each side to fit and front core support mounts just fit. i also suggest hogging out the center of some 1 1/4 washers and weld them in the bottom of the ears of the frame to strenghten the mounts they were really rusted and needed some solid metal. i also filled the body mounts with washers to somewhat copy the factory cup washers. it seems like this lift kit is now more towards three inches with the different body mounts in place and a couple washers to cap off the pa lift spacers. with 33x12.5 m/t mtz and offset rims this truck looks bad ass it seems like this was a great combination. i also cut the fenders in the front to follow a line in the core support- very nice styling!!! now i just need to box it in... my girlfriend is so jealous about how much time me and my friends have put into this truck but it was so worth it... we also found out the dodge ram shifter linkage is way to long and the bolt is facing towar the front the wrong way... so i will have to weld the old one and then its time to lenghten the 4x4 shifter(its barely above the floor lol!!! i also removed all the factory body mount nuts and drilled 2" holes into the floor. then i made my own plates bolted the body mounts and lifts now i need to get the nylon plugs and seal them into place... wow what a project, its getting hard to explain to my neighbors why i have three of these trucks in my driveway- some people just dont get it dodge dakota

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