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02:02:33 - 12/07/2019

Off Road
Patrick ODay
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Subject: changing front differential
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Hey guys

I've been thinking of changing my front differential from a Corp 8-1/4 inch to something I can put an ARB or a OX locker in. At the same time I want to change the ring and pinion to improve low end torque a bit. I run 32" tires now and will be putting on 33" next set. Any ideas comments or concerns?

2000 Dak 4x4 auto 3.55

A stock Dakota is great place to start

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RE: changing front differential
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My 98 has a Dana 35 center section and I wouldn't think it would be too costly to fab up whatever brackets would be needed for the swap. The Dana 35 has gears as big as 4.56's. I'm sure you could get an ARB For a JEEP Dana 35 and get it to work, or an ox locker for that matter. I've looked into 4.10's for my truck along with a locker. I wish the electric locker had one for a Dana 35. The bad thing is that if you get a used diff $200-$500 and go through the trouble of getting a locker and gears and rebuilding it. plus add in any custom bracket costs it gets pricey. If you want a strong locked front end go with a Dana 44 and you won't have any worries and will have a large selection of lockers and manual hubs. I've heard many stories of the Dana 35 not holding up to big tires and differential, hell they don't hold up under 3000# jeeps.

It's all in how much $$$ you want to spend!

98 CC 4x4, 5.2 Auto 3.55LSD
3" Body Lift, 1" Torsion Bar Lift, 33" BFG A/T KO's

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