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11:12:06 - 09/21/2021

Lowered / Slammed Dakotas
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Subject: Laying frame on 20's
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What will it take?? So far, I know I am going to 4-link the rear, super c-notch the frame, cut out the bed for the crossmember and tub it out for the tires, and use 2" dropped control arms up front. Just wondering what else will be needed. How much am I going to have to shave out of the front fender wells, and am I going to have to relocate the battery, fuse box, etc.??

Also, how hard would an install like this be?? I am thinking of getting a shop to do the rear (4-link, crossmember, etc.) and doing the rest myself.

What should I use to get the best fast-bag settup?? I was thinking of using a 9 gallon tank, 1/2" lines, and 3 position valves. But then I heard that the 3 positions aren't as fast. I don't want it to hop or nothing, just want it to be quick. Also, I don't want like 24 functions. I'm only interested in F, B, S, S, pancake. What would be the best wat to do this??

Another thing, I have the tire/handling package with the fender flares. I know that if I want to tuck, I'll have to go to inside the fender on the wheel/tire. Only thing is, I really don't want to give up my flares. Will it look goofy with the flares sticking out?? I know this is just an opinion thing, just wanted to see what ya'll thought.

Any help is VERY much appreciated. I'm kinda new to bags and I want it done RIGHT.

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RE: Laying frame on 20's
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I have the same question as you. you think you could give me some info? thanks

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