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10:33:12 - 09/21/2021

Lowered / Slammed Dakotas
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Subject: Lowering 03 Dakota RC, V6 3/5
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Hey guys, I'm kind of new to this site but I've
looked everywhere to try and answer my questions
but can't find any straight answers out there.
I'm looking to lower my 03 Dakota 2wd V6 Reg. Cab
with a 3/5 drop. I'm looking at using 20" rims,
but as this is my only vehicle, I would need to be
able to put my stock set back on which are brand
new winters I got this season and are 245/70/16.
I'm pretty sure that if I got 255/35/20 they would
fit but I'd like something a bit wider, like a
275/45/20. I know it's possible but wondering if
there would be much rubbing?

Here's a link to a 3/5 dak with 275/45/20. -

Here's a link to a drop kit that I'm looking at -

I've heard that lowering with control arms will
decrease your turning radius which is why I'd
rather just go 2" with the arms then a 1" lowering
spring. Also I've decided to use a C-Notch in the
rear because some people say that their axle hits
their frame/bump stop constantly. Although I am
wondering why this kit is so expensive because
similar kits I've seen for around $600?

One last thing; What are your opinions on a
lowering leaf spring (Belltech 3") compared to
using solely a hanger/shackle kit? -

I really appreciate any helpful information!!


Dodge Dakota


RE: Lowering 03 Dakota RC, V6 3/5
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not sure about the front but for the rear, since your axle is already on top of your springs, buy some 2 inch lowering bocks and 2 inch drop shackles. all of one method of dropping the rear end usually makes for a rough ride and i promise you will be disappointed with drop leaf springs. i wouldnt buy a kit for the rear either you can do it yourself with parts from autozone fairly easily and cheaply. the shackles will be about 50 a set and blocks are super cheap. anyway i hope this helps

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