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10:04:00 - 09/18/2020

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Subject: Service 4WD light comes on occasionally
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Twice in the past two weeks now when I've started my truck up, for some reason the t-case starts trying to engage the front drive shaft. The 4WD switch is in 2WD position when I start it, but the 4HI light is blinking like when you sitch to 4WD, but not all the requirements are met yet. After a few seconds it completes the switch to 4HI, but I can't get it out regardless where I put the switch, and the service 4WD light comes on. Now if I shut the truck off, restart it one or two times and nudge it forward a little, it goes back to 2WD, the service light goes off, and I can switch in and out of 4WD as I wish without any probs. Anyone seen anything like this before?? I don't use 4WD too often, when I do it switches in and out fine and works fine.

'02 SXT CC, 3.9L, 5-spd, 4x4...Not Enough Mods Yet!!! Coming up this weekend (12/14)....Dana Trac-Loc

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