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20:43:26 - 01/21/2020

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Subject: 4.7 radiator problem
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My radiator sprung a leak this morning. It looks like something came up off the road and hit it. It hit just to the outside of the presure coils for the AC, and punched a hole in the coils on the main radiator. I'm interested in knowing if the radiator can be repaired, or if I'm better off getting a new one. I need help with this rather quickly as well. Also if someone like CW knows and could explain what the difference is between the maxcooling system and the regular system on a dak, I don't know which I have, but I do know that the radiators are different. Thanks for the help.

2001 QC 4x4, 4.7,5 spd, LSD, K&N Gen II Intake, Robert Shaw 180 Stat, Hanson Industries custom front bumper

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RE: 4.7 radiator problem
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You should be able to get the radiator repaired. Most radiator shops have the ability to weld up holes in aluminum radiators.

I found this link that shows a demo of an alloy used to weld up a damaged aluminum radiator.
Aluminum Radiator Repair

Whether you should get it replaced or not depends on the condition of your radiator. If your vehicle has relatively low mileage or you have followed maintenance schedules, the your radiator should be in good shape and worth fixing. If the inside is a little crusty, then I would just replace it.

I found this site that may help if the dealership isn't able to. They have warehouses all over the country, so you can pick your radiator up if you live close to one, otherwise they'll ship it to you.
Radiator Plus
Good Luck


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