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12:11:04 - 07/06/2022

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Subject: RE: Frustrating Brake Problem
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My dealer replaced the master cylinder again, bled the lines and it got a little better, but not like it was. I have just learned to drive it this way. Can't afford to keep bringing it back and have them tell me nothing wrong and then bill me for all the labor. I like the truck so I just deal with it.

Dodge Dakota


RE: Frustrating Brake Problem
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01 Dakota QC 275k I have been fighting this issue for ever.
When I got the truck in 02 it was fine then after a few years I
noticed I was not able to get the abs on the rear to engage. Now
the abs only engages the first time I touch the pedal after sitting
over night. I have replaced
-vacuum lines
-fr discs
getting ready to replace the abs computer, divider, and abs
pump. Hoping for some kinda results. I love the truck so I will
keep fighting! grrrr
Just remember your not alone. Never had this problem with my
2000 RT Dakota.

Dodge Dakota


RE: Frustrating Brake Problem
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I have an 05 dodge dakota and the brakes
are doing that on me too, just replaced
the entire front brakes (pads and rotor)
but still going to the floor, did y'all
end up fixing it?

Dodge Dakota


RE: Frustrating Brake Problem
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I have a 08 dakota same problem with
brakes...spongy low pedal. I'm going to put car
on lift run it apply brakes see if rear brakes are
working at all

Nate Wilkinso
Dodge Dakota


RE: Frustrating Brake Problem
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I have a 2000 dodge dakota, brakes are
fine as long as the roads are dry, when it
rains the brakes lock up and the truck
slides almost got into a couple accidents,
i changed the rear cylinders, and rotors
and pads in the front, still does it

Dodge Dakota


RE: Frustrating Brake Problem
IP: Logged

I have solved the problem with the brakes. The
locking up calipers, the soft pedal, the hard
pedal, the premature wear, and excessive brake
dust. I am not a certified mechanic, i actually do
auto body repair,it satisfys me. but i was very
fortunate to have been given the ability to repair
just about anything, from computers and
electronics to hydraulic systems to engine
problems, transmission problems, electromagnetic
systems, i have even created self running motors
that require no fuel to run. Because i enjoy being
alive, i can't prove these things to you. But i
do know what i am talking about. This is a burden
for the common man who works hard and can't afford
the cost of constantly replacing the brake
components or simply doesn't know how. With no
help from the manufacturer who's at fault for not
testing the design before being put into
production. So here it goes, the brake lines,
proportioning valve, and most of the braking
system is being subjected to excessive amounts of
heat. Even to the point of boiling the brake fluid
inside the brake lines. When this happens the
fluid expands and cannot work as designed. When
you apply the brake pedal high pressure fluid is
pushed through the hot lines into the calipers,
now inside the caliper is a mix of extremely thin
fluid that has very little ability to push a
piston or lubricate as it was designed. It will
not be noticeable for a while, but components are
breaking down. Sooner or later they will fail, and
that's when you will feel the pulsating or see the
smoke and the seizing of the calipers. Once the
vehicle is allowed to cool, and it is inspected,
everything appears to be working as it should.
This is what makes the problem so elusive. Look
inside of the reservoir and you will see that the
burned fluid residue has stained the plastic a
dark brown. To fix the problem you have to keep
the heat away. I suggest adding heat shielding
and flushing the entire fluid system after
replacing the calipers, rotors, pads and hoses.
All of this could have been avoided with a simple
heat shield added by the manufacturer. I hope that
this helps anyone experiencing the i don't see
anything wrong with it or all the guessing from
mechanics at your expense.

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