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00:44:44 - 04/14/2024

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Subject: Broken shock bolt
IP: Logged

Just replaced the brakes on this one. Rotors still in
good shape, very little grime/rust on any of the
or rotors, so just replaced pads.

The shocks appear to be original and the ride is
getting pretty rough, so I wanted to replace them all
With the front tires off, have pretty good access to
top of shock and good access on bottom. I read that a
lot of
people just "wiggle the top back and forth" to snap off
the top when the nut won't turn, or if the shaft
turns. Since the brakes didn't have much rust, I wasn't
expecting the lower bolts to be a big problem.

I thought the first lower bolt was coming out, but in
reality it was twisting the head - snapped right off. I
I should have used more acetone/ATF before trying to
turn it. Anyway, I thought I got the second one moving
but same thing happened. I was surprised because I
thought these were supposed to be Grade 8 bolts and
the head of the bolt would start to round off a little
bit before the bolt just fell apart. Something I would
on a cheap wood screw.

So I guess I'll have to really soak the bolts from the
top and give the acetone/ATF a lot longer to work. Then
try to drill and use an extractor. I googled and found
this seller with Grade 8 bolts, washers, lock washers
nylock nuts. My 1998 doesn't have any loose nuts, but
it looks like they're part of the control arm
(welded/mfg in).
Since the head on the bolts I snapped off are 10mm, I
expected the bolts to be something like M6 x 1mm
and then they'd be ISO Class 8.8 (close to SAE Grade 5)
or ISO Class 10.9 (close to SAE Grade 8). So I'm
on the bolts.

I found some Chrysler and Dodge "factory parts" places
with drawings that show part 18 below as an
M8-1.25mm thread x 32mm long bolt, but that doesn't
appear to be what I have installed. M8 usually
have 13mm heads, so I'm confused.

I don't think I'm going to be able to "take out one of
the other ones to match the size", ha, ha! So based on
10mm head size, I think they're M6 x 1.0mm. Does anyone
know for sure? If worst comes to worse, I guess
I'll drill them all the way out and then use the bolts
with nylock nuts like the eBay seller offers. Any other
suggestions or info? What a pain in the butt. 25 year
old parts do get rusty and old.


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