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03:02:25 - 05/23/2024

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Subject: CTM Replacement
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I have an '02 Dakota SXT, which I inherited from my recently deceased father. He was the original purchaser, and he took pretty decent care of it, so it's worth me putting some effort into. He didn't however get any real optional equipment on it - no power windows or locks, for example - just A/C.

Recently, I installed a Sony radio in it (along with a JBL powered sub and four new Infinity speakers). Since I'm anal/OCD about not wanting to mess the faceplate of the new radio up by constantly pushing buttons on it (it came with a remote, but it's kinda small and a bit difficult to use), I wanted to add the factory steering wheel control (SWC) buttons for the radio, so I got some from a junkyard (from a '00 Durango) and installed them on my truck. They don't seem to be working, however, and I'm 99.9% certain this is because my truck has a "base" CTM (the CTM controls the stereo control buttons on the steering wheel by taking input from them and passing it along the PCI bus to the radio), which doesn't support SWC switches, and I need a "highline" CTM from somewhere, which would need to be configured to enable that option.

Assuming I can find a Dodge/Chrysler dealer that still has a DRB III scan tool, is it...

A. Possible to replace a "base" CTM with a "highline" CTM?

B. Have a "highline" CTM reflashed for my VIN, yet have the steering wheel radio control button functionality enabled?

C. Install a "highline" CTM from a vehicle that had steering wheel controls, and just use it as-is, without reflashing? Would that cause me issues?

I do need to verify that the RD/BK and BK/LG wires are present in the steering column (they run from the clockspring to the CTM, and are for the steering wheel control buttons for the radio). I'm guessing they're there, but I haven't had a chance to go outside and look - been too damn cold, lately!


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