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05:25:06 - 07/25/2024

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Subject: 02 Dakota Upgraded overhead console
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I have an 02 Dakota extended cab. Originally it
had an 3-wire overhead console with only courtesy
lights and I wanted to upgrade to the premium 9-
wire console that provides MPG, Miles to empty, a
compass, and garage door openers.

So I picked up a wrecking yard console and wire
harness from a 2003 Dakota. Console is installed
but not working. Values are displayed but no real
time ECO mileage and none of the readings change
as I drive it. Also, the check engine light is on
with a message to check 4X4.

For the record I studied the forums for gawd knows
how many hours preparing for this project. The
problem I have found is the wire colors mostly
don't match those provided on the threads.

So I have a few specific questions:

1) A twisted wire pair comes from the new console
harness, a solid violet and a white/black. Some
sources have suggested there is a PCI+/ CCD Bus+
and a corresponding PCI-/CCD- terminal on the OBD2
data connector. A service manual lists pin 2 as
J1850+ and pin 10 as J1850- and it appears all
these terms are interchangeable. Pin 2 has a VT-LG
which I believe to be the CCD+ connector, however
pin 10 has no wire or pin and that is where I am
stuck. Where does that white/black wire connect?

2) Temp sensor: Lots of conflicting color IDs. I
have VT/LG to the + wire of the temp sensor and
BK/LB to the - wire. Can anyone confirm this?

So I feel like I'm almost there, but could use a
little help on the final lap.

Thanks in advance, Geno

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