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07:19:44 - 02/28/2024

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Subject: Can't get hood open!
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Hello. I was hoping people here could help me with this problem. I have a Dakota Dodge 1997 and I am trying to get the hood open. I pulled back on the latch as far as it will go, (it feels like if I pull any harder it will break) and tried pushing the button behind the grill while pulling up.

Nothing is happening it won't budge.

I am a noob with cars, just replaced the fuel pump with some help but I'm on my own now and I smoke coming out the back so I want to look under the hood at the very least. But I can't do that cause the hood won't open.

:( any help would be appreciated. I know I'm not good with cars, but this is making me feel horrible, because I can't do something as simple as popping the hood...

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