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05:09:53 - 12/04/2023

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Justin Stewart
Dodge Dakota


Subject: Zero dash activity
IP: Logged

My buddy has an 02 Dakota and it has no dash activity at all when
the keys turned. He said he went to charge the a/c and had to
ground out the ac compressor to get it to kick on. I gave it a look
over and here’s what I’ve noticed so far.

There’s a burned out bay in the blower motor resistor plug jnder
the dash(next to last one to the right, or the blue wire with a
yellow stripe)

When I tried testing it with the multimeter I got continuity from the
positive battery terminal and the lead that is usually connected to
the positive terminal(removed it for testing, as long as the
negative terminal is connected I get continuity there) any help
would be greatly appreciated.

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