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11:26:45 - 04/02/2020

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Subject: How to fix issues on a '98
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Hi all, I have a 1998 Dodge Dakota V6 that's plagued with a handful of issues.
As a freshman in college taking automotive courses, making this thing good as
new again is going to be my project. I'd like to hear any suggestions as to
what I can do to fix these problems myself (if possible)!

Problem #1 - The air conditioning and heating system does not work whatsoever.
I plan to vacuum the system out and recharge it, but I'd like to know if
there's anything else that could cause the system to fail completely.

Problem #2 - The passenger can roll the passenger side window up, but not
down. The driver can roll up both driver and passenger windows up and down

Problem #3 - All headlights, tail lights, and blinkers work. However, one of
the blinkers (I believe it is the left blinker) blinks rapidly.

Problem #4 - The alarm system (which is original with the truck) is faulty and
I would like to disconnect it.

Problem #5 - The charging port rarely works if at all.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Dodge Dakota


RE: How to fix issues on a '98
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#1 heating. Basically, if you don't have heat,
your heater core is probably bad/leaking. If you
have to add coolant regularly and/or get a
coolant smell from your vents, than you have a
bad heater core.

#1 ac. Does it blow air? Blower motor could be
bad if not. Basically if you are going to go
about replacing the heater core, you are pretty
much doing all the work to replace your blower
motor, evaporator coil, blend door, and
accumulator. Really, the only things left on
your ac system to replace after that is the
compressor, condenser, and the lines. I did this
job about a year ago, and went with a 2" heater
core, and everything new on the a/c (to keep my
compressor warranty also),and I've never had
colder a/c nor hotter heat in any vehicle. The
blend door is an important part of this system
to separate the heat and a/c. I never could find
a rebuild kit for the blend door, but I used an
old memory foam pillow and just cut it to fit
and seal and then glued it to the original steel
plate. I think I got a complete system and 2x
heater core for around 500 to 600.

#2 sounds like a switch, might find one at a
pick and pull for cheap

#3 if it blinks rapidly, one of the filaments,
running light or blinker, in one of the bulbs is
out or you have an LED bulb installed on that

#4 Don't have experience as I don't have a
factory alarm system

#5 if you take your dash panels loose (which you
will have to do to replace heater core, etc.)
You'll see a plug on the back of charging ports.
Might be loose or have broken wires, it's pretty
easy to check once you pull the panels.

I have a 97 Dakota that I've been restoring
slowly over the past year or so without any
verifiable mechanic experience, and I started
with my heat and a/c. It's not impossible, just
make sure and take pictures before you remove
something. Trust me, you'll be glad you did.
I've got hundreds of them, sometimes I didn't
need them, and sometimes I wished I had taken

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