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09:38:17 - 06/24/2019

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Subject: How to fix issues on a '98
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Hi all, I have a 1998 Dodge Dakota V6 that's plagued with a handful of issues.
As a freshman in college taking automotive courses, making this thing good as
new again is going to be my project. I'd like to hear any suggestions as to
what I can do to fix these problems myself (if possible)!

Problem #1 - The air conditioning and heating system does not work whatsoever.
I plan to vacuum the system out and recharge it, but I'd like to know if
there's anything else that could cause the system to fail completely.

Problem #2 - The passenger can roll the passenger side window up, but not
down. The driver can roll up both driver and passenger windows up and down

Problem #3 - All headlights, tail lights, and blinkers work. However, one of
the blinkers (I believe it is the left blinker) blinks rapidly.

Problem #4 - The alarm system (which is original with the truck) is faulty and
I would like to disconnect it.

Problem #5 - The charging port rarely works if at all.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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