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07:07:06 - 04/22/2019

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Subject: Looking for the right vent valve 95 3.9L
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I have been having quite some issues trying to
help my brother fix his dakota, its a 3.9L v6 from
95, we got a new fuel pump assembly but it didnt
come with the rollover valve. We ordered one from
napa having them assure us its the right part,
paying an extra 20 dollars in shipping. When the
part arrived i noticed not only does it look
different than the original but its also much
smaller. From googling im seeing a lot of these
valves coming with a rubber grommet to go around
it, our old one didnt have that. I was wondering
if this valve we got is in fact the right part and
if we need to go get an additional grommet for it.
the valve i have is the 911-060 from dorman. If
this is the right part id like to know where to
get the grommet, if its not id like to know where
to get the right one. Any help is massively

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