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01:54:13 - 10/21/2018

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William Wold
Dodge Dakota


Subject: Vibration
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HI, recently joined. I had a first generation Dakota in the past, it was good, but wore it out. Recently picked up a 2008 Club Cab 2WD, tow package, V6, AT, 3:92 posi rear, has 67K miles, but it has sat for 2 years while a family was clearing an estate.
I've searched the archives and have found some info but still have questions.
Has a vibration starting to feel around 38mph. YOU feel it in the seat more than anywhere else. In the cab, starts to sound like a humming/moaning groan, no vibration in the steering wheel. It gets worse up to 50 where other road noises take over the sound but the vibration is still there just a faster pulse. Put on New tires, no change, have been rebalanced by two different shops.
Last week Took it to a driveline specialist. Up on the rack, and the rear wheels raised, was started, put in gear and ran up to about 45-50 mph and there was quite the vibration, the specialist was under the truck, with stethoscope, said there is a pinion bearing singing, a right wheel bearing, and driveline carrier bearing, and possibly the driveshaft is out of balance. Ok fix it. As I'm waiting for my ride home, he starts in on it. Well well, someone has been in the rear end before, the tab is not there and there is high temp goo for a gasket. So my ride home arrives and I leave. Parts replaced, rear axle bearings, all Ujoints, center driveshaft carrier bearing, pinion bearing and driveline balanced . I get called at closing, it's done come get it. I get the old Bag of used parts, yep bearings are at the verge, and one wheel bearing grinds.U-joints were stiff and some rust streaks.
However, On the way home, nothing has changed, turned around, he's closed. So Monday I will be there when he opens.
When driving along, it starts at about 36-38, and I get to about 45-48 where it's the most noticable I can pop it out of gear to netural, and coasting, the engine RPM's go to idle, still coasting but of course slowing down there's no change in the vibration or sound, I am assuming I am eliminating the torque converter as I've read that can cause vibrations. It doesn't matter what gear it's in or if it's in netural inside the prementioned speeds. I've put known perfect wheels/rims from a friends Dakota on it and no change, put mine on his and his is still smooth, so I put mine back on. Makes me wonder if he really did align and balance the driveline. Am I missing something?

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