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23:32:08 - 07/23/2024

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Subject: SK TFOD-jr Shift kit
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has anyone installed this kit? it only has 2 springs,1 little tappered bushing, and 1 shaft.I wanted a performance kit and orderd the wrong this worth the effort, or should i get the performance kit? it corrects or prevents,od failure,soft shifts,drain back,lockup shudder,vents/side seal leaks.I want a good hard shift, and would like to be able to manual shift but dont know if this kit will suffice.any info will be appreciated.

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RE: SK TFOD-jr Shift kit
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I've ordered one from Ebay for $21.50
Thanks for listing the content of the kit, in return I'd like to share my experience with shift kits in general FWIW.

Is this worth the effort?
Absolutely - Assuming nothing goes wrong like leaving dirt in the valve body, or losing a check ball, over torquing valve body bolts, etc. It's always worth the effort to drop the pan, inspect the old filter, add a drain plug, and re-fill with fresh fluid.

Should you get the performance kit?
Maybe, I don't need anything more than an improved shift. Being able to manual shift is of no interest to me, that's why my Dak is an auto. I can not fathom a need for downshifting anytime the stock setup would disallow a downshift. A full manual valve body (2nd & 3rd gear starts possible and having to shift every gear) is way too much IMHO.

AFAIK a full manual valve body usually bypasses the pressure modulator that cordinates shift firmness with throttle angle(gas pedal). So every shift is "BANG", and not as cool as it sounds when it causes frequent u-joint failures.

The two cars I've experienced with manualized automatics could not be driven safely under imperfect traction conditions(like rain).

IMHO you are more likely to be frustrated with problems caused by overly agressive transmission tuning than the "problem" of a reasonable shift improvement caused by a shift kit.

Even if your definition of "good hard shift" is very different than mine, during the interim you'll be sending more fluid to the O/D planetary and prolonging clutch life.

My 5.0 mustang's AOD shifted nicely with a "mild" shift kit. And it was still chirping the tires at 250K when I sold it.

So don't let your drag racing aspirations cause your shift kit to gather dust, especially when your tranny would benefit from clean fluid.

I'll let you know in '05 how my '91 5.2 A500 shifts with its "SK TFOD-jr Shift Kit"
Warmest holiday wishes :)

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RE: SK TFOD-jr Shift kit
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The one you got will help improve your shifts if that is what you are after. As stated above, the only reason you would want a performance kit is to downshift or hold a gear to any rpm without the tranny shifting on it's own. That kit is ideal for those who do a lot of towing or racing, but like myself, I just ordered the kit you have and installed it.

FYI, the directions that come with the kit require drilling on the seperator plate to firm up the shifts. It gives a range of sizes you can drill from, I believe on mine it was .076"-.086" to firm up the 1-2 shift. I went right in the middle of that at .080" and didn't notice much. I had to take the whole thing back out of my truck and drill it to .086" before I really felt a difference in my shifts.

I recommend using the kit, unless you are going to do a lot of towing this kit should accomplish what you want. Good luck.

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