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22:59:04 - 06/18/2018

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Subject: ax-15 transmission oil leak?
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can anybody tell me how difficult it would be to replace the front oil seal on an ax-15 transmission? ive finally chased down this oil leak, but the dealer wants 500 bucks to fix this....

on the same note, how difficult is the clutch replacement on the same vehicle (97 dakota v6 5spd)?

Thanks for any help....ive already spent my "go fast" money for this year on a new timing chain, water pump, and intake manifold gasket fix....

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RE: ax-15 transmission oil leak?
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With the right tools it should take you a whopping 2hrs-.45min to pull the trans. 20 minutes to change the seal. do the clutch while your there turn your flywheel. DO THE ENGINES' REAR SEAL you are allready there. The flywheel will take a day or 2 to turn. Consider changing your oil pan gasket. If you have a internal slave cyl for your clutch you may want to rebuild it also. Consider time hassel ect... Do what you can while the trannys out. BE CAREFUL when installing your fly wheel and trans, the new seals are fragile they can tear very very easily. Trust me ! There is nothing like putting everything back together to find out the rear seal is damaged and leaking oil all over your new clutch. You have to do it all over again. well good luck

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