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17:05:26 - 02/17/2019

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Subject: 01 dakota qcab no sound from stereo
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Hi all recently my brother inlaw ended up replacing the stereo in his 01 Dakota it already was running an after market head unit and a sound system. After removing the old one I installed the new one with the old harness adapters being already had them why get another kit. New radio has power but no sound at all the slight speaker flub when connecting the harness and nothing more after. I bought a new harness kit and still nothing at all even took the sony out of my 01 ram and same deal his works fine in my truck but neither have sound in his. It does not have the stock infinity system and now I am at a loss been installing stereos and full systems for years now never had this happen. I got sound out of the driver front but it was really low by plugging wires direct into the stock connector but it only worked with front + and a rear - not the + and - of the same speaker leads if anyone knows what the issue is pls help.

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