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19:22:34 - 05/24/2019

Custom Audio
Dodge Dakota


Subject: Radio cuts out
IP: Logged

I have a 1996 dodge dakota extended cab 5.2l 5 speed 4x4. I
put a aftermarket radio and speakers in i tied into factory
wiring for speakers everything works good but it had the
infinity sound system factory and had two hot wires at speaker
plugs if i hooked both of the hot wires to the speakers then it
would go silent and one was louder than the other everything
works great for the most part but after having it on for bout
thirty mins on certain volume levels it acts like its kinda
shorting out and starts gettin staticy and volume fades out so i
was wondering if it is a wiring problem or is the radio or
something else any help is greatly appreciated i ask this
becuase i am about to upgrade the speakers and radio but
need to kno if it is wiring problem so i can jus run new wires
straight from radio to speakers and if its jus the radio messing
up then im replacing it any way and all will be good

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