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17:17:06 - 05/26/2019

Custom Audio
Dodge Dakota


Subject: System for Sale
IP: Logged

I recently sold my 1999 Dodge Dakota SLT Club Cab and pulled
the sound system out because the buyer did not want it. I have
decided to sale the system since it is way too large for my new
vehicle. I figured this would be the best place to start since the
box was custom built to replace the back seat in my Dakota. The
box was custom made by sandwiching 3/4" MDF with 3/4" 7-ply
birch veneer plywood (screwed and glued) creating two separate
ported and fiber filled 1.5" walled chambers. The MDF was used
as the outer layer and was primed and painted when the box was
built, but the finish is definitely showing its age with many scuffs
and a few gouges down to the primer.

The components included in the sale are:

2 - JBL W12GTi
1 - Rockford Fosgate Power T1500-1 bd
1 - Pyle Audio PLCAPE500

I wired all the components with the largest gauge wires possible
at each connection. I ran 1/0 gauge wiring to the amp, 4 gauge
to the capacitor, and 8 gauge to the subs. All the wiring and the
fuse is included in the sale.

The subs, wiring, and capacitor were bought in 2006. My
original amp was stolen and replaced with the current one in
2011. All components were used gently. The amp was never
turned up past 30% and in the name of hearing preservation, I
barely played the system loudly at all. This may seem hard to
believe given the competition quality of the components, but
what can I say, I have a penchant for overkill.

I ran the system with the stock alternator and an Optima Red Top
battery. The efficiency of the large wiring and the 50 farad
capacitor prevented any overloading of the electrical system and
I never experienced the typical dimming of the headlights when
the system was on.

I am asking $1000 cash for the entire system and am located in
Atlanta, GA.

Pics are available upon request.


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