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Wednesday - April 23, 2014

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Dodge Dakota Forum Recent Posts

9 hrs ago
V6 Forum - Whistle in cold weather
My 2002 Dakota has had the same problem for a number of winters. I finally had my son-in-law, who is a heavy equipment mechanic drive it for...
12 hrs ago
V8 Forum - 1994 dakota lost reverse
1994 dodge dakota 4x4 auto trans 5.2L magnum v8 with O/D. lost reverse a while back and i want to get a rebuild kit from napa for it. ha...
15 hrs ago
V6 Forum - Changing Spark Plugs
Use a 3/4 inch air impact and that should get them right out no problem...
17 hrs ago
V6 Forum - 3.7L V6 Spark Plugs
Need to replace my current NGK VPower plugs. I currently get about 18mpg around town. Is there a better plug to use that would improve p...
Tommy H
20 hrs ago
Recalls / TSBs - misfire 1-3-5 cyls
After changing Sparks Plugs, Coil, Dist. Cap. Smoking the engine it was the Cam Sensor. Changed that and all the codes disappeared passed in...
1 day ago
Recalls / TSBs - misfire 1-3-5 cyls
my problem is exactly like the previous post from don carrube.(from four years ago) the only thing i have not replaced is coil pack. ...
terry troutt
2 days ago
V6 Forum - Changing Spark Plugs
i have a '91 dodge dakota pickup with a 3.9l v-6 engine.i tried to remove old spark plugs but they must be over-tighten and can't remove th...
robert sloot
2 days ago
Recalls / TSBs - Catalytic Converter Problem - Roll Call
I have dodge ram 1500 sport will dodge replaced my catalytic coverter with 102,000 miles.will dodge replaced it free?...
Dr Dre
2 days ago
Performance - 3.9 to 4.7 swap
Smoke weed every day!...
2 days ago
Performance - 3.9 to 4.7 swap
Man you guys are idiots! Just buy a dakota with a V8. simple as that! quit wasting time and money!...
Ralph Phillip
3 days ago
General Forum - Brakes
Vacuum booster is leaking. I'd plan on the master cylinder - typically (but not always!) what has happened is that the MC is leaking ...
3 days ago
Performance - 3.9 to 4.7 swap
It would be easier to go all the way with the 5.9. They were available in the Dakota in '02....
3 days ago
Performance - 3.9 to 5.2 swap
I have a 02 dodge dakota 2 door extra cab short bed. slt. 3.9l just dont have enough power. how hard would the 5.2l swap be in the 200...
3 days ago
General Forum - Bleading rear ABS unit?
Happy Easter everyone, I replaced the rear wheel cylinders on my 98 Dakota rear ABS and I tried to vacuum bleed them. I couldn’t get mo...

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