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Wednesday - May 09, 2001

Dakota Performance
tad w.


Subject: Homemade z-tube question?
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I have been reviewing past discussions on this topic and have received excellent help from Tanner and the other websites that have photos with homemade z-tubes.

Would it be ok to remove the rubber/plastic cover/flap next to the radiator (left side of radiator as you are facing the truck)? By removing this piece, it appears that their would be better air flow to the z-tube filter. THere is a heatsink covered device being protected by this cover and I am wondering if water could harm this unit if the rubber cover is removed? I live in Nevada so we get little precipitation anyway.

I am also considering (if there is room) adding an extra 45 degree elbow to the homemade z-tube designs to locate the air filter inside the fender where the stock air box sucks air from. Any possible problems with this design?

2000 QC sport 4x4 4.7L auto tran

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RE: Homemade z-tube question?
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Go ahead and remove the rubber flap, basically it protects the air conditioner tubes from debris and helps to keep water(ie. rain) and debris out of the engine compartment.
I pulled mine off after I got my custom tube done, haven't noticed a difference either good or bad, so I will leave it off. I am sure that there is a lot more "cold" air flowing over the K&N now than there was.


'00 SLT QC 4x4 4.7 Auto Custom Cold Air Tube

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