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Friday - April 12, 2024

Dodge Dakota Door Handle Painting

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11. Using the 8mm socket through the access hole, remove the 8mm nut at the top.

12. Using the 8mm wrench, remove the lower nut.

13. Now carefully slide the handle out of the door from the outside. This may take a little finesse. Pull the bottom of the handle out first and roll it up out of the door.

14. Before it can be painted, the handle should be disassembled. Tap out the pivot pin with a hammer and finish removing it with a pair of pliers. Be careful to catch the spring as the pin slides past.

15. Pop out the rod connector.

16. Remove the two rubber snubbers by popping them out from the back.

17. When you're all done, you should have this:

18. Since it's likely to be disassembled for awhile, I recommend you bag and label all the parts.

19. If you need to use the truck while painting the handles, you can reassemble as much as you like and use the latch rod from the outside to operate the door. Push down on the rod to open the door.


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